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Joseph H. Plumb Memorial Library 2019 Summer Program

Celebrate NASA’s 60 years of achievement and its celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing during the 2019 Summer Library Program, or SLP, “A Universe of Stories”.  The Plumb SLP blasts off on June 21 and ends August 10, and is open to all ages! Online registration and program participation are required to earn rewards and awards!  Just remember to “SLP”: Sign-up, Locate Library activities, and Participate. 

Registration opens May 23 at 5:30 PM and closes July 31 at 11:30 PM.  All youth must register using the Youth Program registration link below.  Teens ages 14+ can sign-up in the Adult program. Families with multiple youngsters can register on the same form. Registrants for the Adult program must register using the Adult Program Registration link below.

REGISTER HERE for the YOUTH PROGRAM: SLP Youth Registration

REGISTER HERE for the ADULT PROGRAM: SLP Adult Registration.

By registering, you are joining Team Plumb to complete library and home-based missions, record your progress on a mission log, and then report your progress at the library as your schedule permits.  Every mission completed and stamped at Plumb Mission Control is equivalent to one color tile for the Space “Stick Together” Mosaic.  If the Mosaic is completed and the secret image appears, a donation will be made to the Old Colony Robotics Team for materials needed to build the robots used at competitions.   Accomplishing missions also earns participants prizes and invitations to special celebrations.  Plus, youth who participate are entered into the Boston Bruins “When You Read, You Score” contest.  Adult participants are given a ticket to enter into a prize drawing. Go to the What’s Happening Summer Library Program Link for program details, and to the Event Calendar for scheduled events.


How to SLP – Sign-up, Locate Library Activities, Participate

Sign-up: Online registration for either the Youth or Adult Program opens on our website at 5:30 PM on May 23, and closes at 11:30 PM on July 31.  This link is for SLP Registration ONLY.  It is NOT a summer online logging/challenge program. Add your star to the Space Viewing Window.

Locate Library Activities: Missions at Plumb Library will launch June 21 and end August 10.

All Library activities and events will be posted on our online event calendar, our in-house paper calendar, on social media, in our online newsletter, and in local papers.

Participate: Report to Mission Control @Plumb Library starting June 21 for a program briefing, a “Universe of Stories” Mission Log, a new book, and a Summer Missions Calendar.  Those entered into the Adult program will also be given a ticket for a prize drawing.

Mission progress must be recorded on a log of your choice.  There is no online logging/challenge system this year. 

Many types of missions are available, including: drop-in library activities, home based activities, and special events requiring registration via the Event Calendar. Drop-in activities and home based missions will be for most ages. Most special events requiring registration are geared to ages 3-12, or are multi-generational.

Once you have completed missions, report to Mission Control @Plumb Library as your schedule permits to have them reviewed and stamped by a Supervising Officer.

You can wait until your whole log is completed if that works for you!

If you do NOT share your mission log with the library, you will not be eligible for color tiles, program prizes, and invitations to special celebrations.

Supervising Officers will nominate registrants for special recognition rewards and awards during the summer.

Each mission completed is equivalent to one color tile for the Stick Together Mosaic.  You cannot receive color tiles without presenting your log to a Supervising Officer.

If all the empty tiles on the Stick Together Mosaic are replaced with color tiles, a secret image will appear,and a donation will be made to the Old Colony Robotics Team.

A completed log MUST be turned in to a Supervising Officer by July 31 in order to earn an invitation to the Ice Cream Social on August 3, and ticket to a PawSox game on August. 16.

Even if that deadline is missed, youth registrants have until August 10 to complete a log and be eligible for Bruins and RMS recognition. 

This is a free program thanks to many state and local sponsors. “A Universe of Stories” is sponsored by the Massachusetts Library System, the Boston Bruins, and the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners, with additional support for the Collaborative Summer Library Program the Friends of Plumb Library, the Rochester Lions Club, the Rochester Cultural Council, the Rochester Police Brotherhood, the Rochester Firefighters Association, the PawSox, Dunkin Donuts (Marion), Pilgrim Bank, the First Congregational Church of Rochester, Kool Kone, Lloyd’s Market, Friends Market, several RMS teachers, and many wonderful volunteers.