Plumb Library Summer Program 2023:

“Find Your Voice” 


Participation Instructions

The 2023 MA statewide summer library program (SLP), “Find Your Voice”, begins at Plumb Library on June 16 and ends on August 5.  This broad theme of self-expression encompasses a variety of mediums for youth and adults to find their voice: from visual arts to writing, storytelling, music, and so much more.  Join us to explore and discover all kinds of different ways to find your voice!

The free Plumb program encompasses 3 age groups: children ages 3-12, tweens/teens ages 12 and up, and adults.  Registration is required.  Once registered, visit the library to pick up logs, BINGO sheets, and more!  Participation is based on personal schedules.

To join a program, please register using the links on our homepage starting June 16.  Registration is open through August 4.

Library activities and events are listed on our online Event Calendar.  Starting June 16, you can register for the  events you wish to attend by clicking the REGISTER box on each dated event. Event Calendar

To successfully complete the Plumb summer library program, registrants use their log to track reading (at least 30 minutes per day), event attendance and activities completed.  There are also logs to just record books read. All logs must be turned in to the library by 2 pm on August 5 to receive an invitation to the Captain Bonney’s Ice Cream and Toppings party on August 12.

All reading counts!  Read or be read to at least 30 minutes per day. Audiobooks, magazines, graphic novels and e-books all count! 

There are different logs for each program.  There are options to track books read only or to track reading/activities completed.  Children can select a reading/activity log. Circles need to be filled in to to record reading, event attendance and activities completed.  Or, they can select a reading record log to keep track of books read.  This year, there is preschool log, too. The teen and adult logs have both a reading/activity log and a reading record log.

Logging example: If within a day you read 30 minutes, went to a library program, and completed a BINGO  (across, down or diagonal), you would fill-in 3 circles on the children’s log.  For the adult and teen log, you would color in three images.

Completed logs must be turned in by 2 pm on August 5.  To be considered complete, the children’s, teens, and adults, the reading/activity log must have all circles or images filled in.  To complete a children’s reading record log, at least one half page must be completed.  For Teens and Adults, reading 5 books on the reading record log counts as a completed log.

Share your log with a librarian (once per week if you can!) to earn color sticker tiles for our “StickTogether” mosaic. Our goal is to fill in all the blanks to uncover a hidden picture.  For the reading/activity logs, every circle or image colored in on the log equals a color tile for the mosaic. For reading record logs, every book read equals a color tile for the mosaic.

Weekly prizes can be earned for completing Scrambled Word,  Outdoor Seek and Find, and for getting a BINGO on a library provided BINGO sheet.

Plumb Library and Rochester Memorial School are summer reading partners.  Once the Plumb Library log is turned in on August 5, students should switch to the RMS log and keep reading until August 25!  RMS logs are turned into children’s classroom teachers in the Fall.  See below, or visit the RMS homepage or Library Media Center page for RMS documents.  Families may elect to do the RMS program only.  In this case, use the RMS log from June 16-August 25.

Plumb/RMS summer reading suggestions and resources can be found below or on the RMS homepage or Library Media Center page. There is no required reading for either the Plumb Library or Rochester Memorial School children’s program.  The ORRJHS and ORRHS  do have  required reading. Please see below for those links as well, Contact your schools or view their websites for more details!

THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS AND SUPPORTERS who ensure this program is free fun for participants!

The Massachusetts Statewide Summer Library Program is funded by the Massachusetts Library System, the Boston Bruins, and the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.  Locally, the program is funded by the Friends of Plumb Library, the Rochester Lions Club, the Rochester Cultural Council, the Rochester Firefighters Association, Rochester Golf Club, Sperry Tents, Friends’ Marketplace at Plumb Corner, and many community donors and volunteers, 


ROCHESTER MEMORIAL INFO: Plumb/RMS partnership Program Information, Suggested Reading Resources, and RMS Summer Reading Log: 

Summer Reading Program Information 2023

Summer Reading Suggestions 2023 – Grades PreK-6

Summer Reading Log 2023


ORRHS Students: 2023 Summer Reading List

ORRJHS Students:  2023 Summer Reading List

Books should be available through Sora.  Here are details on how to set up a Sora account: Sora