We try our best to keep the rules simple:

  1. Here are the loan periods for library material:
    Books, Audiobooks, Kits, Magazines 2 weeks, 2 renewals
    DVDs 1 week, 1 renewal
    Hotspots, MOBY kits, Library of Things 1 week, no renewals
    Museum Passes 1 day, no renewals
  2. All library material may be checked out on any library card, regardless of the age of the cardholder with the exception of museum passes which may only be checked out on an adult’s library card.
  3. DVDs are limited to 5 per card.
  4. Items, except for equipment and museum passes, will be automatically renewed, unless there are holds on the item, or you have fines over $10. If you are receiving emails or text messages from SAILS, you will be alerted when your item has been renewed. You may still renew in person or by phone during library hours, or via our online catalog, Enterprise, at You should have your card with you when you renew items. Those with personal devices can download the SAILS app, a free app, which will allow you to check your account, renew items, place holds, or pay fines with debit or credit card.
  5. Reference and historical material are available for use in the library only.
  6. Any Rochester resident is entitled to a library card. Children under 13 need the approval of a parent. When applying for a card, all applicants must provide proof of address.
  7. There are no library fines for overdue books, DVDs, magazines, and audiobooks that are owned by the Plumb Library when they are returned. There may be fines for other items owned by the Plumb Library as well as items owned by other public libraries returned at the Plumb Library.
  8. For more information, view the Behavior Policy here.

Computers & the Internet

Public computer use is first come, first serve. During periods of heavy computer use, the library reserves the right to limit use to 1 hour if others are waiting. The library provides free access to the Internet. All users must sign in at the desk before using the public computers. Signing in assumes that you will abide by the library’s rules for using the Internet. The library is NOT responsible for the content or quality of material found on the Internet. Users who are unable to abide by the rules set forth in the user agreement form will be denied further access to the library’s computer resources. Click here to view Internet Use Policy

Unattended Children in the Library

The library welcomes children of all ages, and hopes that they will take advantage of the many programs and services the library has to offer. Parents should be aware that children under the age of 10 should not be left unattended in the library for any period of time. Children & young adults who are allowed to spend time by themselves at the library should be picked up at least 15 minutes prior to the closing of the library.  If they are not picked up by closing, the Rochester Police will be called. Click here to view the Unattended Children Policy.

Collection Development Policy

It is the mission of the Joseph H. Plumb Memorial Library to make available to the people of the town of Rochester a center which provides information, entertainment, education, and enrichment.  We seek to provide these services to all segments of the community, and to all age groups.  Our collection will reflect the wants and needs of the whole community, and we will make available, as best we can, material in many formats and reflecting many points of view.  The Trustees and staff are committed to intellectual freedom, and support the Library Bill of Rights.

In keeping with the mission of the Plumb Library, the Board of Trustees have adopted this Collection Development and Materials Selection Policy.

Gifts to the Library Policy

The Plumb Memorial Library and the Board of Library Trustees welcomes proposals for gifts of money and materials, consistent with its policies and the goals and objectives of the library. Please refer to the full Gifts to the Library Policy for requirements and restrictions.  

Meeting Room Policy

The library has two rooms in the downstairs Events & Meeting Space available for reservation by the public. These rooms may be used by any nonprofit organization and meetings must be free and open to all. Priority for the use of the meeting space is as follows: 1) Library-affiliated groups; 2) Town, state, regional, or federal agencies; 3) Community non-profit organizations; 4) Meetings held by individuals (must not be for profit). The use of the meeting rooms does not constitute library endorsement of the group’s purpose. Please review the full Meeting Room Policy, which includes the form needed to reserve the room(s).