The Junior Friends created a monthly book club, Book Buds, in August 2018 for members. This is a club for youth who love the library, enjoy reading, and would like an opportunity to talk about good books (and other stuff!) with like-minded kids! As of 2020, Book Buds has grown and now welcomes any child/young adult who is interested!

There are 4 different clubs:

  • Book Buds Teen for 6th graders and up (ages 12+)
  • Book Buds Tween for 4th-6th graders (ages 10-12)
  • Book Buds Jr. Grads for children ages 8-10
  • Book Buds Jr. for children ages 6-8

Book Buds meet once per month.  Members bring a book they have recently read or are currently reading to share with the group. Club members share why these titles are recommended (or not recommended). Club members enjoy sharing their book choices and helping other kids learn about books they might want to read

In the past, book reviews for recommended books were added to the RMS Media Center website for students seeking peer recommendations.  When this project ended, a Book Buds Recommends sticker was created.  Book Buds decide if books they discuss are “highly recommended”.   Librarians will place the Book Buds Recommends stickers on all books in the Plumb collection that meet this criteria.

Although it is subject to change, the Teen and Tween clubs meet on the first Friday of a month, while the Grads and Jr. Grads clubs meet on the first Saturday of the month. Book Buds Jr. and Book Buds Jr. Grads require a parent attend with their child.   Registration is required via the Plumb Library Event Calendar.  Any details specific to the monthly meeting will be noted on the event calendar post. Snacks are served and lively discussion occurs!