Tails and Tales SLP

The 2021 statewide Summer Library Program (SLP) theme is “Tails and Tales”! The Plumb SLP will follow this theme by offering seven (7) weeks of animal-focused FREE “things to do” for children (ages 3-12), teens (13+) and adults. The Plumb SLP begins June 21 and concludes August 9. Registration is REQUIRED and is open from June 14 – July 19. Please register using the links below.

By registering for the Plumb SLP, you are promising to TRY your best to read, attend events, and complete activities, challenges, BINGO cards and logs during the program dates! Prizes will be earned! Do what you can, when you can! It’s easy! Just remember to SLP – Sign-up, Log, Participate!


Please be careful to select the correct registration link! There are 2 programs with 2 separate registration forms – one for Children (ages 3-12) and one for Adults/Teens (13+). Families can register multiple children aged 3-12 using one single Children’s Registration Form but all names and ages must be included. Adults/Teens must use the Adults/Teens form. Please contact the library if you have questions about registration!

Adults/Teens (13+) click here to register:
Adult/Teen Registration Form

Children aged 3-12 Click here to register:
Children Ages 3-12 Registration Form

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