Read Beyond the Beaten Path

Summer Library Program, 2022


The 2022 MA statewide summer library program (SLP), Read Beyond the Beaten Path, begins at Plumb Library on June 24 and ends on August 6. This year’s theme combines outdoor adventures, skill development, and personal challenges. The Plumb program consists of a robust children’s program best for ages 3-12, and simpler programs for teens and adults. Registered participants are challenged to read, attend special events, complete BINGO sheets and other activities (at home or at the library) as personal schedules permit. Weekly prizes can be earned! Logs are used to track progress.  Everyone who turns in a completed log by August 6 will be invited to an ice cream party at Captain Bonney’s on August 13. Reminder – All Logs are due by August 6th to the Library!

Thanks to many sponsors, this program is free to participants.

Event Calendar

For more details, go to the Summer Library Program page.