Starting Tuesday, Sept. 8, the library will return to their regular hours for Curbside Pickup and Book Drop.  The hours are:

Mondays & Thursdays: 1-8
Tuesdays & Wednesdays: 10-6
Fridays: 10-5
Saturdays: 10-2

If there is a book, movie, magazine, or game that you would like, you can place items on hold, and they will be sent to us in the Delivery, or if the item is in Plumb Library, you can call us at 508-763-8600 or email You will be notified by SMS, email, or phone call.  The Book Drop will be closed at night, and from 2:00 PM on Saturday  – 1:00 PM on Monday.  Please be aware that items returned in the Book Drop are quarantined for three days before being checked in. There are no overdue fines on items.

Book Reviews courtesy of
If you allow yourself the time, you could easily spend a month reading and thinking about Jack, about old-time Christian debates regarding grace, redemption and love. Read More [...]
The Autobiography of Malcom X remains one of the most captivating and essential books of the 20th century. In it, the iconic activist offered glimpses of his probing self-awareness and [...]
“Innocence doesn’t exist. Complicity is everywhere,” writes Michele Morano in Like Love, a collection of autobiographical essays about romantic relationships that are not quite amorous. Read More [...]
“His story. My story. . . . It’s our story,” writes David A. Robertson about his father, Don. And so it is in Black Water: Family, Legacy, and Blood Memory, [...]
Some memoirs recount riveting stories. Others are notable for their masterful storytelling. Debora Harding’s Dancing With the Octopus: A Memoir of a Crime accomplishes both. She has not one but two [...]
Fresh and funny, Hench exposes the inner lives of superheroes, villains and sidekicks with all their mundane vulnerabilities. Read More [...]