The Plumb Summer Library Program

Celebrate NASA’s 60 years of achievement and its celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing during the the 2019 Summer Library Program (SLP).

The Plumb program blasts off on June 21 and ends August 10. Online registration for ALL AGES is required!

By registering, you will be joining Team Plumb to complete library and home-based missions, earn color tiles for the Space StickTogether Mosaic, win prizes, and receive invitations to special celebrations! Youth will have an additional perk of being entered into the Boston Bruins “When You Read, You Score” contest. Adults will have the additional reward of receiving a ticket to to win one of the 3 prizes. SLP registration and participation are required to earn all program rewards and awards.

Remember everyone’s PRIMARY SUMMER MISSION located in the code word SLP – SignUp, Locate Library Activites, Participate.

Registration is open from the evening of May 23 to the evening of July 31.

Youth Program: This link is for ALL youth, all ages! Register here.
Adult Program: Register here.

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