Library Card Signup Month

is your library card worn out from overuse?  Is it lost, or have you never had one?  Then September is your lucky month!  We will replace your worn out or lost card for free during the entire month.  Check through the website to see all of the great things you can do with your library card!

“Having fun isn’t hard

When you’ve got a library card!”

Book Reviews courtesy of
Vespertine blends darkness, thrills and satisfying characterization for an engrossing fantasy tale. Read More [...]
Afrominimalist Christine Platt’s calm, careful narration of her journey toward living with less is both relatable and reassuring. Read More [...]
Black Birds in the Sky tells the truth about an event that every American should know about. It’s a horrifying account told with great care. Read More [...]
Amia Srinivasan’s book about sex and consent is invaluable for readers interested in intelligent, clear and nuanced analysis rather than hasty clickbait. Read More [...]
Keep Your Head Up is a simple and powerful reminder not to let bad days get us down. Read More [...]
Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Joseph J. Ellis superbly captures the issues, personalities and events of the American Revolution in The Cause. Read More [...]