Starting Tuesday, Sept. 8, the library will return to their regular hours for Curbside Pickup and Book Drop.  The hours are:

Mondays & Thursdays: 1-8
Tuesdays & Wednesdays: 10-6
Fridays: 10-5
Saturdays: 10-2

If there is a book, movie, magazine, or game that you would like, you can place items on hold, and they will be sent to us in the Delivery, or if the item is in Plumb Library, you can call us at 508-763-8600 or email You will be notified by SMS, email, or phone call.  The Book Drop will be closed at night, and from 2:00 PM on Saturday  – 1:00 PM on Monday.  Please be aware that items returned in the Book Drop are quarantined for three days before being checked in. There are no overdue fines on items.

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Bree Matthews has everything she ever wanted. She’s starting an early college program at her dream school, and her best friend is her roommate. But she’s also reeling from her [...]
The Inheritance Games wraps a mystery in an enigma and throws in four hot brothers for fun. The Hawthorne family, furious at their disinheritance, bring a Knives Out energy to [...]
Art isn’t everyone’s thing, as art historian Jennifer Dasal is quick to admit in her new book, ArtCurious: Stories of the Unexpected, Slightly Odd, and Strangely Wonderful in Art History. But [...]
Lavishly descriptive, charming, heartbreaking and imbued with a magic that will be familiar to Clarke’s devoted readers, Piranesi will satisfy lovers of Jonathan Strange and win her many new fans.  [...]
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