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It takes a certain amount of chutzpah to structure The Plot the way Jean Hanff Korelitz has, but she’s an audacious writer who delivers on her promises. Read More [...]
Swimming Back to Trout River is a symphony of a novel that is operatic in scope and elevated by Linda Rui Feng’s artful writing. Read More [...]
Beautiful, sweet and warm, When Lola Visits will usher readers into their own fond memories through the story of a little girl and the summer she shares with her grandmother, [...]
Most of the Japanese American patriots who formed the 442nd Infantry Regiment are gone, but their stories live on in this empathetic tribute to their courage. Read More [...]
Seventeen-year-old Jane Belleweather has just won $58 million in the Wisconsin lottery. It’s a life-changing amount of money that could lift Jane out of poverty and jump-start her dreams of [...]
Gordon-Reed’s essays seamlessly merge history, memoir and family history into a complex portrait of her beloved, turbulent Texas. Read More [...]