Summer Library Program
Libraries Rock


for Children 2+, Teens, and Adults
June 25-August 11.
Online registration required.
Registration starts May 23 and ends July 31.

Click here for Libraries Rock Children’s link (ages 2-12).
Click here for Libraries Rock for Teens and Adults (ages 12 and up).

Also, check our Events Calendar for more information about programs happening through the summer.

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In this charming double debut by author Casey W. Robinson and illustrator Melissa Larson, an older factory worker named Iver climbs to the roof during his lunch hour. While up [...]
In the middle of a city sits a giant fishbowl, the only home a whale named Wednesday has ever known. Like the day of the week, Wednesday is always in [...]
Andromeda—just call her Annie, please!—is a preteen from Brooklyn who has a loyal best friend named Millie, an annoying big brother, freckles and an unusually good memory. Read More [...]
Are we alone in the universe? Is there life on other planets? These are questions astronomers, philosophers and theologians have been asking for centuries. It wasn't that long ago that [...]
Imagine at the very instant of your birth, your soul's twin was born somewhere in the world. From the moment you could walk, you were given a weapon and told [...]