Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Joseph H. Plumb Memorial Library to make available to the people of the town of Rochester a center which provides information, entertainment, education, and enrichment.

We seek to provide these services to all segments of the community, and to all age groups. Our collection will reflect the wants and needs of the whole community, and we will make available, as best we can, material in many formats and reflecting many points of view. The Trustees and staff are committed to intellectual freedom, and support the Library Bill of Rights.

Book Reviews courtesy of BookPage.com
Bruce the bear leads a quiet, orderly life. He is particular about his food (organic), his friends (none), and is a determined grouch. That is, until his dinner plans go [...]
James Proimos, author-illustrator of Waddle! Waddle!, takes us into a day in the life of a jaunty little penguin, who only yesterday made a new best friend who happened to [...]
Nearly 25 years after the publication of Shiloh, Phyllis Reynolds Naylor's beloved trilogy becomes a quartet with this Christmas-themed holiday companion. Read More [...]
Just after well-known British mystery writer Ruth Rendell died in May of this year, at the age of 85, her life and talents were described in the media with words [...]
“His name was Salvador and he arrived with bloody feet.” From the opening sentence of Jonathan Franklin's 438 Days: An Extraordinary True Story of Survival at Sea, this riveting adventure [...]
“All begins cheerily” for some busy children whose daily experiences continually loop back to those three letters at the beginning of the alphabet. Awake Beautiful Child's longest sentences are a [...]