Summer Library Program
Libraries Rock


for Children 2+, Teens, and Adults
June 25-August 11.
Online registration required.
Registration starts May 23 and ends July 31.

Click here for Libraries Rock Children’s link (ages 2-12).
Click here for Libraries Rock for Teens and Adults (ages 12 and up).

Also, check our Events Calendar for more information about programs happening through the summer.

Book Reviews courtesy of
An Ocean of Minutes has a premise to thrill. Polly and her boyfriend, Frank, are forced to separate in 1981 when he contracts a deadly flu virus that is sweeping [...]
The weather isn't the only thing that's steamy in Charlottesville, Virginia, in Andrew Martin's debut novel. Early Work is the smart, if rueful, story of a love triangle, with all [...]
On Election Day in 2016, pundits were confident that Wisconsin would be a “blue wall” that would lead Hillary Clinton to victory. The next day, however, revealed a different story. [...]
Caitlin Moran has a gift—in both short- and long-form writing, in both fiction and nonfiction—that hits like magic when it lands in the lap of the right reader. It's a [...]
In Cindy Baldwin's big-hearted debut novel, Where the Watermelons Grow, everything seems to be going wrong for 12-year-old Della Kelly. There's currently a summer drought in her town of Maryville, [...]
Jovan and Kalina, noble siblings of art-loving Sjona, are heirs to a difficult responsibility: detecting poisons and preventing them from reaching the city's Chancellor. When their father is felled along [...]