Kids Activities for September

Visit the library between September 7-30 to participate in these activities:

  1. Find the Bus!  A small school bus will be hiding each week in September in the library.  Find the bus, quietly tell a librarian where it is, and earn a small prize!  The bus will hide for one week and then drive to a new location.
  2. Scrambled September Words!  Each week a Fall themed word will be available to unscramble.  Share your guess quietly with a librarian to earn a small prize!  Each word will be available for a week.  Pre-readers can be given a picture clue.
  3.  Facebook and Creativebug Fun! 
    Like our Facebook page and  then check it each Saturday in September for a DIY activity from CreativeBug.  Contact Ms. Lisa if you need materials.  Share one of the activities you complete to earn a small prize.