Grab-n-Go at the Gazebo

We know everyone is missing books!  Starting Monday, May 4th, we are starting Grab-n-Go at the Gazebo!  Use the “force” and take a ride to Plumb Library to select a free children’s, young adult or adult book to keep!  All books have been sanitized.  Please practice social distancing – only one family at a time in the Gazebo.  Wash your hands before and after selecting your books. Make sure to tightly close the lid when you are done selecting your book.  Please take up to two books per person per visit as inventory is limited!  You can visit as much as you’d like!  Let us know you visited by taking a picture of you and your book choices and posting to our Facebook page. We hope this project will continue throughout the summer!  Do not leave off donations here at this time, but stay tuned for requests for more donations and drop-off locations!


Grab-n-Go will end on Oct. 24.