Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Joseph H. Plumb Memorial Library to make available to the people of the town of Rochester a center which provides information, entertainment, education, and enrichment.

We seek to provide these services to all segments of the community, and to all age groups. Our collection will reflect the wants and needs of the whole community, and we will make available, as best we can, material in many formats and reflecting many points of view. The Trustees and staff are committed to intellectual freedom, and support the Library Bill of Rights.

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Book Reviews courtesy of BookPage.com
She initially channels her “Grand Canyon of grief” by wearing the same ugly dress for days on end—the same dress that Tiger and her mom argued about. During that argument, [...]
The fourth installment in Theresa Romain's Royal Rewards series, Lady Notorious, is a delightful, enthusiastic jaunt through Regency-era London. It picks up with another tale of the Bow Street Runners—focusing [...]
Recent bestselling nonfiction books by Ayelet Waldman and Michael Pollan suggest that psychedelic drugs are poised to once again transform the zeitgeist. Could it be that we're about to re-enter [...]
Following several lauded volumes of nonfiction, visual artist Kris Waldherr delivers an accomplished debut novel, The Lost History of Dreams, an atmospheric and hypnotic love story that not even death [...]
Susan Choi's Trust Exercise explores the ways adolescent experience reverberates through adulthood while brilliantly toppling all expectations of narrative fiction. Read More [...]
An edifying, entertaining read filled with adventure, suspense, history and romance, When We Left Cuba is a thought-provoking look at the ways in which politics can be intensely personal. [...]