Summer Library Program

The national summer library program theme for 2017 is:


Register below to participate in all kinds of building activities presented by Plumb Library! Our program offers something for everyone – from toddlers to adults – and everything is FREE.

The program runs for 9 weeks, June 21 – August 21. Check the Event Calendar for performances, and weekly activities starting June 22nd! Registration is now open for all June events, starting with the Toe Jam Puppet Band, on June 22nd!

Log minutes you read, library events you attend, and challenges you complete within Wandoo, our online reading and activity log. All loggers earn chances to win prizes, special awards from the Boston Bruins, and special invitations from local organizations! When kids read and log, they also earn credits to build an avatar within Wandoo. Read alouds, audio books, and e-books count!

Once you have registered, go to Plumb Library to pick up your free book, a calendar, and challenges!

If you registered last summer, you can use the same user name and password. If you are new user, or do not recall last summer’s info, create a new user name and password! Once you are registered, you will receive a confirmation email. SAVE IT!

Kids program – ages 1-11: Register here.

Young Adults and Adults Program – ages 12+: Register here.

Book Reviews courtesy of
The Unexpected Life of Oliver Cromwell Pitts by Newbery Medal winner Avi follows a few exceptionally bad days in the life of Oliver Cromwell Pitts, a bright, cheery, fleet-footed 12-year-old [...]
An unexpected turn of events places an unlikely pair—a slave and an enemy soldier—on a treacherous journey in Megan Whalen Turner's newest adventure-filled novel, Thick as Thieves, part of her [...]
Badger and Rabbit spend a day together after Badger inquires, “What are you waiting for?” and Rabbit responds, “Wouldn't you like to know.” Thus begins many rounds of a guessing [...]
In his magnificent Wrestling With His Angel: The Political Life of Abraham Lincoln Vol. 2, 1849-1856, Sidney Blumenthal explores in superbly researched and beautifully written detail the crucial period when [...]
Before there was New York with its towering skyscrapers, solarbuses, robot crews and even mechanical snails to clean windows, there was the Old York of wealthy twin geniuses Theresa and [...]
“All this has happened before and will happen again,” President Roslyn said in “Battlestar Galactica,” and this sentiment informs Gian Sardar's strange, beautifully written thriller. Abby Walters, a Los Angeles [...]