Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Joseph H. Plumb Memorial Library to make available to the people of the town of Rochester a center which provides information, entertainment, education, and enrichment.

We seek to provide these services to all segments of the community, and to all age groups. Our collection will reflect the wants and needs of the whole community, and we will make available, as best we can, material in many formats and reflecting many points of view. The Trustees and staff are committed to intellectual freedom, and support the Library Bill of Rights.

Book Reviews courtesy of BookPage.com
The prewar world of New York City in 1910 comes to life through the colorful social settings and real historical events that abound in Mariah Fredericks' mystery, A Death of [...]
Sarah Jean Horwitz ups the quotient of magic, mystery, humor, and heart in this riveting sequel to the well-loved series debut, Carmer and Grit: The Wingsnatchers. Read More [...]
The Industrial Revolution in Britain is usually portrayed as the transformation of an agricultural economy to an industrial one through the rise of visionary inventors and technology supported by private [...]
In Gateway to the Moon, award-winning novelist Mary Morris draws a map straight from the terror of the Spanish Inquisition to stagnant lives in a dirt-poor New Mexico village, half [...]
Elisabeth Hyde's latest novel, like her two most recent—The Abortionist's Daughter (2006) and In the Heart of the Canyon (2009)—displays her marvelous gift for creating vibrant and believable characters while [...]
In Maker of Patterns, Freeman Dyson weaves a quilt sewn from the colorful memories of the early years of his life. The Princeton physicist emeritus stitches together the ups and [...]